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ISN is the world’s first and only full-service precious metals firm selling gold, silver and platinum bullion, semi-numismatics, modern numismatics, and jewelry with a multi-tiered Direct Sales compensation plan.

ISN officially launched in July of 2010, and began it’s explosive rise in the European Union before officially launching North America in 2015.

Our worldwide headquarters is located in the heart of the “silicon valley” for precious metals – beautiful Sarasota Florida, and our European Corporate Office is located in the United Kingdom.

ISN Delivers Precious Metals from the Most Prestigious Mints at Some of the Lowest Prices in The World.

Here’s how we do it…

Unlike other bullion and coin dealers, ISN has created proprietary internal software systems that streamline the products2ordering, fulfillment, and logistics which enables us to offer the widest range of products, at some of the lowest prices in the world, while still employing a lucrative direct sales compensation plan.

ISN has established relationships with the most respected mints and dealers worldwide, and offers the widest range of precious metals products from every category:

  • Bullion Coins, Rounds, and Bars
  • Semi-Numismatic Coins
  • Certified & Graded Numismatics
  • Full Line of Custom Coins Related Jewelry

ISN operates in over 25 countries around the world, and is opening new countries as global demand for precious metals continues to surge on a global scale.

International Silver Network's Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida

USA Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida

ISN's Headquarters in the United Kingdom

ISN’s Headquarters in the United Kingdom








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