Cumberland Gap from International Silver Network

Check out all this beautiful Silver from International Silver Network!

This is my first “big” order from International Silver Network and I’m excited to share it with you! Big for me depending on your budget. This was a little over $400. I must admit that ordering silver is seriously fun!

While it’s a sound investment strategy to turn your worthless paper into precious metals, it’s also a ton of fun looking over all the options in the ISN shopping area and learning about the history behind a lot of the coins.

The America The Beautiful 5oz coins are some of the biggest and most beautiful coins out there. They celebrate our National Parks and are an awesome addition to anyone’s collection.

This will be the first of many orders! I have a large bullion order on the way as well, so be sure and look for that post and video. I’ll be totally transparent and show you how I got the price I did and how you can do the same. What’s more you can earn a nice income by just sharing the message and teaching others how to build and protect their wealth into the future.


It really is important to learn about the monetary system in this country and understand that the paper we carry around and exchange for goods and services is actually worthless and backed by nothing. If I could recommend one book on the subject, it would be G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island“. It’s an eye opening read from start to finish and I guarantee will change how you look at money.

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