International Silver Network AutoSaver Choices

International Silver Network – Better than Ever!

Wow, what an awesome webinar going over the latest BIG changes for the International Silver Network! As if this business and opportunity weren’t great enough, these latest changes remove any negative impressions or aspects of someone becoming a member.

One of the biggest challenges we faced, was that our Autosaver program was usually about 1 to 2 times more than the coin you selected for your Autosaver package. So people would wonder why they are paying $100 for a $40 coin? Well that has all changed with the new Autosaver options.

Now you are only paying $20 for the Pro Tool Suite marketing system over and above your Autosaver choice which makes our Autosaver an amazingly good value! Just look at these 4 beautiful choices we have now:

International Silver Network AutoSaver Choices

You can view each of these and learn more about our amazing AutoSaver program by visiting my ISN site here:

We don’t call our monthly purchase an “autoship”, because we aren’t spending money on something we consume or that expires. We are exchanging our worthless paper debt notes for REAL tangible assets in silver and gold. You are now “saving” precious metals and building true wealth that will protect you against the coming economic crash.

So we proudly call our monthly purchase an ‘AutoSaver’ and encourage everyone to be putting at least 10% of your income into precious metals by paying yourself FIRST each month!

Ok, here’s the video you’ve been waiting for going over all the changes for International Silver Network, enjoy! (There are some brief audio issues at the beginning, but they clear up quickly, so keep watching ; )

So if you’re looking for a real, legitimate business that you can be proud to share and be a member of, you need to closely consider International Silver Network. In these perilous economic times we are in, it’s more important than ever to be putting some of your money into precious metals. Some say you should consider as much as 30%! That’s how crazy things are getting with our failing monetary system and the incredible decline in the dollar.

Just look how far the dollar has fallen since
the “Federal Reserve” was created in 1913

(Read The Creature from Jekyll Island to truly understand what and who runs the Federal Reserve!)


Inflation isn’t caused by the cost of goods going up, it’s caused because it takes more and more of an ever weakening dollar to purchase those same goods. That’s why silver and gold have held their value throughout history and why everyone rushes to purchase more of it when the country’s currency is about to crash.

Fiat currencies (which is what our monetary system is) fail 100% of the time. We’ve had many signs of it already and 2008 was just a preview of what’s coming. They have managed to “kick the can down the road” a bit with quantitative easing (counterfeiting) to prolong the inevitable, but a crash is coming that will change everything and cost millions of people their retirements (just as in 2008).

Get educated about how the system really works and start saving at least 10% of your income into precious metals automatically with International Silver Network. In David Bach’s book, The Automatic Millionaire, his #1 method to building wealth is to pay yourself first and do it automatically. It won’t make you rich overnight, but it potentially might make you wealthy over your lifetime.

So don’t put it off any longer. If you are already saving in precious metals, GREAT! Become a member of ISN and get paid to share this important financial message with everyone you know and care about. If you’re just getting started, that’s great too! We have many members that are experts in this field and can guide you to how to get started the best way for your own personal situation.

International Silver Network isn’t just another opportunity to “sell stuff”. It’s about spreading a message that’s important to everyone to help them preserve and protect their wealth for generations to come.

Get started today and if you have any questions, give me a shout, I’m here to help!

Have a great rest of 2016 and start 2017 off with a bang with International Silver Network!


Greg Swift - International Silver Network